Monday, January 3, 2011

"allow me to introduce myself, my name is..."

....Contrast Beauty!!! Pleased to meet you :) And I'd like to Officially thank you for taking the time to visit and potentially follow my blog. Ok, enough of the small talk, lets jump right into this. For starters...I HAVE KNOW IDEA WHAT I'M DOING when it comes to blogging so let me apologize in advance for...(grammatical errors....minor outburst on my soap sometimes and maybe rude I DONT GIVE A F#*K moments [hahahaha] and for anything else people like to pin point  :p !!!!! However, I do know makeup and I like to think I know it well. So that's what this little blogging experiment is all about....all things makeup and beauty.
Okay, so I started this page to...
[1]: document makeup looks i'll be creating throughout TWENTY ELEVEN
[2]: share my deepest love of art and beauty to anyone who cares to follow O_o...eeek!
[3]: show everyone its OKAY to make mistakes...especially when it comes to makeup. Let's Forget Rules!!!
[4]: review products and various collections
annnnddd lastly, to have an even BETTER excuse to play with and buy more makeup and not feel guilty about my addiction...."it's for the blog yall...ima bloggaa"!!! psshh...really i'm just a makeup junkie. hehehehehe.

Ready for the journey? Follow me...
Sincerely Yours,


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  1. Just wanna say welcome to blogging & i'm looking forward to the tips & looks you have to share :)Oh yea I already hav a question. So what method would u suggest for someone who wants to get their eyebrows done for the first time? I want it to be natural & I don't want to have to paint them in with a pencil everyday. I'd like it to be natural but beautiful. Looking forward to ur response. Thanks.