Monday, January 3, 2011

The Perfect Eyebrow...?

Thank you to Unique Pearl for my first blog request, here goes....

Oh boy....EYEBROWS O_0 Okay, so brows are like one of those things that women and [men] are trying to perfect all the time. Whether it's waxing, threading, shaving, plucking, nairing :/ ummm...I mean women and men alike are constantly trying to get the perfect brow. But in all truthfulness, there really isn't one particular brow regimen or shape that is suitable for everyone.
In my opinion, brows are the most IMPORTANT feature on the face. I mean have you ever had a thick bushy mess above your eyes and felt completely..blaaahh?!?! And then, as soon you remove that mess from your face you feel like 100lbs lighter and refreshed?!?! I know you ladies know what I'm talking about and that's because eyebrows shape and frame the face...the shapelier the brow, the more shape and definition it adds to your already gorgeous face :)

Okay so here's the HOW TO:

1) If it's your first time shaping your brows, I recommend going to a brow studio. You don't want to shape your own brows for the first time you want to let someone get a good look at your face and shape them according to your facial structure.
2) Aim for threading the brows rather than waxing, shaving, or plucking. Threading is non-abrasive, it doesn't pull and tug at the skin like other hair removal regimens do; which may lead to sagging skin over the years...eww :/ lol
3) Once you find what hair removal method works best for you, maintain your shape every 2 to 3 weeks and this doesn't mean tweezing in between brow appointments. Tweezing, unfortunately, over time messes with the hair growth pattern and most people over tweeze which leads to extremely uneven and unshapely brows...another eww :/
4) DO NOT FRET if both brows are not identical...eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins :)
5) So after you have your desired shape, you can opt for one of two things... leave them naturally shaped without adding brow powder or pencil...ORRRR you can go my route and pencil those suckers in :) ha.
Lastly, set your brow with a clear brow gel or wax pencil, this will help keep the brow in place all day long whether you fill them in or not.

Here are some brows I've shaped for my clients: 

Brows and eye make for Britini

Brows and Makeup for Natasha

Twenty Ten a Year To Remember...

I'm so happy twenty ten is over...any one else feel that way? I've always found it odd how a matter of seconds separates one year from the next, but undeniably, those few seconds pack a powerful PUNCH. Out with the old and in with the new...I'm not so sure I'm in to new year's resolutions, however, I do like to set new goals for myself to achieve throughout the year. It actually keeps things interesting and there's a level of excitement that, for me, keeps me going.
The latter half of 2010 was an AWESOME year for me in terms of my makeup career, and my 2010 goal for my makeup career came to fruition. So, my boyfriends, dad's, girlfriend...[umm yeah. iKnow. okay i'll repeat that lol.] My boyfriend's, dad's, girlfriend its a professional makeup artist she's has over 20 yrs experience in the industry and is on Oprah's roster of makeup artist...ahhh, Valerie Hunt! Google her! I <3 this woman she's absolutely AMAAAHHZING (rachel zoe vocab hehe) at what she does and she actually opened so many doors for me last year. But the highlight for me was definitely working on my first television show! Val hooked me up with a job to work with her on Season 3 of BET's 'My Black is Beautiful' hosted by actress' Kim Coles, Vanessa William's and TV Personality Alicia Renee!!!!! Ahhhh! Words could not describe how I felt when she called to offer me a chance to work with her and for a nationally syndicated network. Absolutely Amazing experience and the money wasn't bad either ;) That job definitely ended my year off right amongst a lot of others, but that was definitely one to remember. What was your most memorable experience of 2010?!?!

Sooo Cute :) 
Here are some photo's from the show:
Me and Vanessa William's after on set touch ups!                                
Me and Kim Coles

Valerie Hunt, Alicia Renee, Me, and Vanessa Williams

For the People....!

Okay, so like I noted in my intro post...I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to blogging. Like Really. lol But I do know that I want to involve everyone that potentially stumbles across this little page. So my question is...what do YOU...yeah you, over there reading this...what do YOU want to see? Video Tutorials? Product Reviews? Wanna know how I got my start? Day to day makeup? Smokey Eyes? What brushes you should buy? Ahhhhh...*pulls hair* there is SOOOOOOOOOO much I could get into but WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE?!?!?!? Ummmm...yeah, sooo leave a comment, e-mail me [], call/text me (if you know me)....tweet me @contrastbeauty...!!!! Alright so now that you know how to stalk me lol umm let me know what you want me to do, Use me up love muffins I'm at your disposal.

Until the next post,
Besitos C.B

"allow me to introduce myself, my name is..."

....Contrast Beauty!!! Pleased to meet you :) And I'd like to Officially thank you for taking the time to visit and potentially follow my blog. Ok, enough of the small talk, lets jump right into this. For starters...I HAVE KNOW IDEA WHAT I'M DOING when it comes to blogging so let me apologize in advance for...(grammatical errors....minor outburst on my soap sometimes and maybe rude I DONT GIVE A F#*K moments [hahahaha] and for anything else people like to pin point  :p !!!!! However, I do know makeup and I like to think I know it well. So that's what this little blogging experiment is all about....all things makeup and beauty.
Okay, so I started this page to...
[1]: document makeup looks i'll be creating throughout TWENTY ELEVEN
[2]: share my deepest love of art and beauty to anyone who cares to follow O_o...eeek!
[3]: show everyone its OKAY to make mistakes...especially when it comes to makeup. Let's Forget Rules!!!
[4]: review products and various collections
annnnddd lastly, to have an even BETTER excuse to play with and buy more makeup and not feel guilty about my addiction...."it's for the blog yall...ima bloggaa"!!! psshh...really i'm just a makeup junkie. hehehehehe.

Ready for the journey? Follow me...
Sincerely Yours,